Recessed Soap Dish or Shower Foot Rest

foot rest for shaving legs*foot rest*shower foot hold

Place my standard recessed soap dish approx. 18" off the shower pan floor to create a great foot rest. With the dish being recessed, your foot is "locked" in with little side to side movement as other foot rests that are surface mounted. This works especially well when you don't have the room or finances for a built in shower seat. Easy to install(no special framing) and easy to clean. Makes washing or shaving your legs and feet much easier. An inexpensive and classy upgrade to your bathroom shower area.


shower stall foot hold*foot niche*shaving legs

Foot rest ideas on some of my bathroom remodels, keep the foot rest out of the main spray about 18" off shower base or as needed. Cut hole, silicone in, tape up and neat final silicone next day.


Shower Legs Shaving Center

shaving legs foot rest*shower shaving center

Looking for the ultimate leg shaving and washing foot rest, go with my standard 2 compartment niche mounted with lower opening at about 18" above shower floor. Niches are shown in gloss black and matte parchment.


Retrofit installation in existing tiled walls

foot rest tile idea*foot rest install*foot rest install2*foot rest install3

Foot rest or soap dish can be installed or retrofitted in existing showers, best to know stud and pipe locations. Cut out dimensions 5 3/4"x 4 1/8".