Odds & Ends Shelves and Niches

Email me first to see if the unit is still available, prices vary depending on the piece or pieces.

ceramic niche 3 tile ready

Custom colors splashed on niches

We can do the above type of colored accent on your choice of niche. All sales are final, results are not guaranteed. Cost for the above sample coloring is $100 plus the price of the unit. The unit above is the cleanline CL3 with palladium glaze splatter.

shower shelf massage

Back wash massager


One of a kind handmade Niches Shower Shelves

1/2 price, no returns, baby blue

baby blue niches

We have an assortment of baby blue shower niches in most sizes. White paper inside niche. 1/2 price, no returns

shower shelves7

Customer used "L" shelves behind short wall to "hide" toiletries.


ceramic cube shelf

Ceramic 3x3 cube and 12x3x3 rectangle shelf.


massage shower shelf

Massage shower shelf




bath shower lighting LED

Low voltage LED lighting shelves, mood lighting for the shower. The ceramics are the same price on these one of a kind warm white glazed units as the normal pieces. The 3 light LED and 12v transformer is $125 plus shipping. I can do custom LED lighting in any of my pieces. Email me Mark

 ceramic art

11inch diameter 2 1/2" projection