Niche Color Choices for your Bathroom Remodel

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Since I make many of these, import some and others are made by another manufacturer in the USA, colors vary. Give me a phone call with any questions about your choices. If you work in the building or design business then you are probably familiar with the variations in colors from different manufacturers and also the same manufacturer having different "dye lots" for the "same" color. In other words colors vary, especially in the ceramic porcelain industry and probably the tile sample you have.

Gloss whiteis always the easiest and safest choice as it goes with your tub/toilet or contrasts so cleanly. It is better to contrast than try to match and fall short. All whites vary.

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All availabile colors are listed in the dropdown by the item, if not listed we don't have it in that color.

Matches are made in heaven.

bathroom recessed niche colors

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Customer mailed me their tile for best "complimentary" colored shampoo shelf

soap dish footrest colors*modern bathroom shower shelf colors

Picture above is fairly true rendition of colors. Photos always differ in various lightings.

tile redi soap niches*



Mottled Light Gray Porcelain Tile Comparisons

bath tile selection*bathtub soap holder*shower nook



shave legs foot rest


Warm White and Matte almond crown, architectural niches, ornate niches and various shelves colors.

glosswhite matte almond crowns*porcelain tile colors*




gloss white balance*crown molding and 3 compartment

Gloss white recessed one compartment shower niche with white balance card. Imported ceramic crown in bright white is close to the standard gloss white. Whites are notorious for not perfectly matching, coupled with the human eye always being able to detect a color difference under different lighting conditions.


Shower shelf and niche comparisons

interior design niche

Large 3 compartment (warm white), original 3 compartment (arctic white)and large 2 compartment (warm white)


large shower shelf3

Original 1 compartment arctic white, large 2 compartment warm white, original 3 compartment gloss white.


2 compartment ceramic shelf

Architectural niche warm white, UK niche matte almond, ornate niche matte almond. These are all special order call


his and her shampo niches

His and hers niches - Large two compartment matte almond $119, Large warm white $119


modern niche shelves 001 copy

Modern Niche with 12" square shelves and hook, cat leg.