3 Compartment Shampoo Shower Niche

The 3 compartment shower niche holds tall, medium and soap in 3 handy recessed compartments for ready access in your tub or shower space. Quality USA made of high fire porcelain that will last more than a lifetime with minimal care (no abrasive cleaners). Weighing in at about 13 lbs and made to recess into a standard 2x4 stud wall, built in niches can't be any easier to install. No special framing needed, just make sure your backer board is firmly attached. Convenient 1/2" flange covers you tile cuts. Just silicone it in. These niches take a small fraction of the time it takes to do a custom tiled in niche without worrying about leaking issues, grout cleaning or layout problems. I find it best to roughly figure where you will be placing the niche in the wall , then tile up to that point and then cut the hole to insure placing the niche over grout lines and hitting layout the way you want.

shower shelf45*preformed niche insert*tile ready niche*niche insert

Shower niche measurements, gloss almond 3 compartment niche, and matte white recessed shampoo soap holder.