Recessed Niche and Ceramic Shelf Installations

tactile installing niches
Evan installing a 3-compartment niche

Installation is fast and easy.
Sanitary, easy to clean.
No grout lines
No framing needed, make sure your backer is secure. Unit floats with tile wall. Youtube "tile shower niche" videos
In a custom niche there are between 5-10+ft of grout line. There are none in our niches, with no potential for leaking.


Bathroom tile niche and foot rest installation video, easy installation!

Bathroom Tile Niche Installation DIY from Mark on Vimeo.




Retrofit niche or shower shelf installation in existing tiled walls

foot rest tile idea*foot rest install*foot rest install2*foot rest install3

Use this technique to retrofit any of my recessed niches or even shower shelves. Works best with flanged units. Many of the surface shower shelves "cover the cut" when installed.

Foot rest or soap dish can be installed or retrofitted in existing showers, best to know stud and pipe locations. Cut out dimensions 5 3/4"x 4 1/8".

Installation of the surface shower shelves

All non recessed shower shelves must be attached to backer board with thinset and siliconed in. None of my shelves are meant to be attached just to the surface of tile.

Bed in min 1/8" thinset to backer board
Don't rub metal tools against surface
Level, aluminum tape overnight
Neat silicone edge next day  Mark 703-408-4920

Opinions backed by 40 years remodeling DanielsKitchenBath Mark 703-408-4920

shower niche modern

Clean line shower niche install instructions

1.Tile up to are where the clean line is going, then cut the hole. No special framing needed.
2. Draw grout lines up wall so you can hit layout with the niches' bead.

tiled recessed niche
3. Cut hole 1/8" bigger than outside of flange ( so you can pump thinset around unit).

ceramic tile recessed niche
4. Clean  line niche's flange will stand on the edge of the backer board, level.
5. Glue spacer on back of clean line to rest against opposing wall, ( I don't glue as I want the niche to float with the tile work rather than being tied to opposite wall, cracking)

tiled niche 56
6. Mud unit into opening also setting tile at same time, adjusting as needed.

tile redi niche installation ceramic tiled niche4

bathroom ceramics by mark daniels Evan Daniels bathroom remodeling

Various niche and shower shelf install pictures below

*porcelain tile layout4

Recessed niches, soap dish and accent strip set comfortably at approx eye level. Notice niche holes are cut out after porcelain tiled is set. No special framing needed, niches set on edge of backer board and tile.

shower niche install*shower niche install*shower-niche-installation


Small two compartment niche install, all recessed flanged niche installs are basically the same. Try not to get ooze out of silicone from flange before tape up. Final silicone next day. Click here for youtube link to this install along with the tile setting time lapse

tiled niche45*niche installation tile

You can cut out to 11 3/4" x 11 3/4" as one customer claimed 11 5/8" was too tight. Three compartment porcelain niche taped up with aluminum metal duct tape ( a little overkill on the tape) shown in Gloss Parchment color.

ceramic tile niche*showerhelfniche

Above is a niche install with bull nose applied over the tile flange on the niche. Still a lot easier install than a full custom niche install with no interior grout lines.

flush shower niche*shower shampoo niche4

Another full overlay niche with bull nose, 3 compartment color is matte almond.

Click Here for Youtube photo series of this install


Customer Installed Bathroom Shower Niches and Shampoo Shelves

tile shower shelf

Nice centered soap under 1 compartment that holds 3-32 oz shampoo bottles