Clean Line one piece ceramic Niches and shower shelves

Architects, designers and tile setters have told me this is what they want
Clean design lines and easy to install.
Half the work of installing a conventional tiled in plastic niche.
No framing, no leaks, no grout lines, easy to install,easy to clean and pleasant looking.
Niche and shelf designs by Mark Daniels

redi for tile

Tile to "bead" and over flange, flush with backer board. No bull nose needed.

Clean line series of tile ready niches, designed around tile sizes 12x12, 8x12, 6x6 and 4x6.


noble tile redi niche tile ready niche75

New Largest cleanline super2 compartment tile redi niche, 11 3/4"x 15" tall. Tile to the "bead" fits 12x12 tile. This unit is very hard for us to make, but it is big, beautiful with clean lines. The unit in the middle is the slightly smaller standard Super 2 for comparison, which covers the tile cuts.


modern ceramic niche

Clean lines modern shampoo niche (12x12), one piece, no leak ceramic. Special order with the 3 led lights.

tile ready niche67

Clean Line niche 11 3/4" x 11 3/4" bead next to same size tile (12x12), recommend 1/8" grout line, no cuts on the tile.


Clean line shower niche install instructions

1.Tile up to where the clean line is going, then cut the hole. No special framing needed.
2. Draw grout lines up wall so you can hit layout with the niches' bead.
3. Cut hole 1/8" bigger than outside of flange ( so you can pump thinset around unit).
4. Clean  line niche's flange will stand on the edge of the backer board, level.
5. Glue spacer on back of clean line to rest against opposing wall, ( I don't glue as I want the niche to float with the tile work rather than being tied to opposite wall, cracking)
6. Mud unit into opening also setting tile at same time, adjusting as needed.

modern shower niche34 cleanline2 niche

Notice radius modern niche at top left, we have a couple of those around.

Clean line niche tile ready


shower shelves shower shelves2

Clean line 12x12 Shower shelves in 50 high end condo bathrooms, Milwaukee,WI.


Two Cleanline CLL2 niches / shower shelves

tiled in niches

Customer installation picture of 2 clean line 12x12 tiled in niches.